About Us

The Great British Bra Survey is an exciting and intriguing campaign, primarily initiated to help establish and illustrate the active consumer habits, behaviours and dynamic attitudes felt by Brits towards the divergent elements of the ever thriving lingerie industry across the UK.

The survey aspires to place emphasis on the practice and approach to the way in which British Consumers choose to purchase and wear their bras and derive statistics that will hopefully, help interpret the positive and productive principles of the underwear industry whilst distinguishing the negative areas of the market, allowing us to confirm these ideas and improve upon them; respectively for the British Market.Suggestions that ‘8 out of 10’ women are wearing the incorrect bra size has become a proclamation across many forms of online media; alongside collections of remarkable statistics that aim to illustrate the attitudes of women and men across the UK; statistics that we can’t help but investigate!

Have these bold figures and audacious claims been sourced from broad and dynamic demographics? Are these results reflective of an entire national market? Or are these assertions inaccurate, applied principally to a distinct sub-selection of a divergent custom group? The British Bra Survey intends to investigate these affirmations and create a survey that garners direct results from an entire market of UK based bra-wearers; laying down the law in regards to our lingerie.

Defining the conclusive statistics surrounding bra buying habits from the input provided by the lovely participants of The Great British Bra Survey, will not only help contribute to the distribution of beneficial content but will effectively alleviate the industry with informative and interesting advice to assist in your bra buying decisions. The survey will not simply underline the issues, that we all feel effect our shopping experience but essentially spark notions of popular culture that we can all enjoy! Do Scousers have the biggest boobs? Do Mancs own the most Bras? Do Geordies prefer colourful lingerie? Or do Bristonians go bra-less?! Join in with the survey and par-take in our online party of Bras and Boobs and Britain!