Come have a go at ‘The Great British Bra Survey’, it’s a genuine thing, nothing too pervy! We all understand that bras are essential but do we admire their greatest potential? With figures and statistics and data and facts, it’s no surprise that we’re all losing track, on the sizes and styles to suit our shape; with straps that dig in, to bra cups that gape. Our aim is to define the Brits biggest issue, surrounding our bras, our boobs and their tissue. Join in with the fun and help us all learn, if getting measured for bras is our biggest concern! We want all women and men to feel liberated, by knowing the styles that have been innovated, by the best bra manufactures across Great Britain and specify the info that has been unwritten.
Join in with our pledge to change attitudes, on shopping for bras to fit our attributes! Answer these questions and join in with our campaign, to make everything better in the boobie domain!

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